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Our selection of LED filament bulbs from the London-based manufacturer tala opens up a variety of possibilities for the installation or upgrading of modern lighting scenarios. 

LURRA houses a traditional arrangement of filaments in a modern glass bulb. SQUIRREL CAGE mimics the aesthetics of traditional incandescent bulbs. Eight golden 

sapphire filaments are encased in a classic glass shape with a light tint. Interlocking filament diamonds define the playful design of ELVA – the largest model in our selection of LED filament bulbs. 

Weight: 1,2 kg

LURRA Ø=3,8 cm H 10,8 cm
SQUIRREL CAGE Ø=6,2 cm H 14,0 cm
ELVA Ø=9,6 cm H 13,7 cm



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